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Disney Pixar Cars – Dino Playground

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Inspired by the Dino Park episode of Disney and Pixar’s Cars On The Road, this playset highlights Mater’s dinosaur daydream – a huge chomping dino sits in the centre of the playset, ready to take a bite out of hero Cave Lightning McQueen. Kids use the launcher to make the jump across the lava field – can the vehicle avoid the mouth of the ferocious creature or will the dino catch it in the air?


Magic in the details

  • There’s a ferocious dinosaur ready to strike in this Dino Playground playset inspired by Disney and Pixar’s Cars On The Road
  • Includes: 1 Cave Lightning McQueen vehicle and 1 playset
  • Kids use the launcher to jump vehicles over the lava field and onto the track, but only if they can make it past the dino’s chomping jaws!
  • Cars that succeed face more adventure racing down the cliff where they could slide into the pit or discover dino eggs
  • Created by Mattel

The bare necessities

  • Playset: H25.5 x W35.5 x D8cm approx.
  • Made from plastic
  • Suitable for ages 4+