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Disney Pixar Cars – Smash & Crash Derpy

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Recreate the thrilling competition scenes from the new Disney Pixar Cars 3 movie with this action packing set. The vibrant, detailed arena is modeled after the Crazy 8 Derby race that challenges champion Lightning McQueen in new, dynamic ways! Rev your engines and watch the character vehicles race, crash and bash through the course! The set comes with barrels, tires, and other themed accessories as well as a 1:55 scale mud covered Lightning McQueen vehicle to start the fun right away! The first player to knock Miss Fritter’s bus down wins! Then, reconfigure the arena and get ready for more epic action. With 3 ways to set the track and a variety of obstacles and speed challenges, the Cars 3 racing action goes on and on. Other vehicles sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Playset modeled after the Crazy 8 derby race from Cars 3.
  • Rev up your racers and watch them speed and bash around. Crash into derby champion Miss Fritter until she is knocked down!
  • The arena can be reconfigured, for 3 exciting courses.
  • Includes barrels, tires, and other themed obstacle accessories.
  • Comes with mud covered 1:55 scale Lightning McQueen.