Disney Storybook Advent Calendar Princess

24.99 ( Incl. VAT)


Count down to Christmas with the Disney Princesses! Unwrap 24 books this festive season and enjoy a magical tale every day in the run-up to Christmas. Packed full of adventures, this advent calendar is sure to make Christmas extra special!


Dive into a majestic realm with the Disney Princess: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar. Every December day brings a touch of Disney Princess magic right to your home:

  • 24 Enchanting Tales: Unveil a fresh Disney Princess story from December 1st to the 24th. From classic tales to holiday-themed adventures, there’s magic on every page.
  • Surprise Packed: Each of the 24, 24-page small paperback books is individually wrapped in a paper sleeve, ensuring a delightful surprise every morning.
  • Tailored for Disney Lovers: Featuring beloved Disney Princesses in both festive settings and their timeless tales.
  • Elegantly Sized: The advent calendar measures 13.98″ wide by 21.26″ high, while each storybook within is a perfect 3.94″ wide by 4.72″ high for bedtime reading.
  • Perfect Holiday Gift: A unique gift for Disney enthusiasts, ensuring a magical lead-up to Christmas.