Disney Traditions 6005960 Amorous Amphibians Tiana and Naveen

40.00 ( Incl. VAT)


Disney took a surprising and delightful twist on the classic princess in the frog lore when both Tiana and Naveen were turned green. But, despite their new bulging eyes and slimy underbellies, the pair still fell in love.

  • Introduced June 2019
  • “Amorous Amphibians” from the Disney Traditions by Jim Shore Collection
  • Beautifully hand-painted and crafted from high-quality stone resin with intricate styling and attention to detail
  • Jim Shore’s unmistakable style evokes a sense of nostalgia with traditional themes, quilt patterns and design motifs inspired by American and European
  • Packaged in individual box with photo on front
  • 4.5 in H x 4.5 in W x 4.5 in L
  • 4.5 in H x 4.5 in W x 4.5 in L