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Loungefly Disney Backpack Princess Scenes Series – Rapunzel

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Go, live your dream with Loungefly’s Tangled Scenes collection!

In Disney’s Tangled, Rapunzel is taken as a babe from her royal parents by Mother Gothel to exploit her magical healing hair. Locked away in a tower in a hidden valley, Rapunzel grows curious about the outside world and asks Mother Gothel if she can leave to see the lanterns that appear in the sky every year on her birthday. She is denied her request and begins to lose hope. When a thief named Flynn Rider stumbles upon her tower and uses it as refuge, Rapunzel strikes a deal with him to help her escape.

This accessory tells the story of Rapunzel’s transformational journey, with each panel displaying a unique scene from the beloved animated feature film. On the front zipped compartment, Rapunzel descends from her tower joined by Pascal as a zipper charm. Above, Flynn Rider and Rapunzel see the light at last. Maximus makes a face on one of the side pockets while Pascal makes an encore appearance on the other. On the back, Mother Gothel proves mother knows best.


Product Features:

Enamel zipper charm
Faux leather
Adjustable shoulder straps
Printed details