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  • Barbie Playset – Dream Camper 22

    180.00 ( Incl. VAT)

    Get the ultimate camping trip underway with the Barbie Dream Camper! Featuring seven play areas, an epic slide and tons of storytelling accessories, this Barbie RV inspires endless outdoor adventures.

  • Brio World 33312 Castle Set

    109.99 ( Incl. VAT)

    Join Princesses Aurora, Belle and Cinderella in a fairy-tale world with the 33312 Disney Princess Castle Set. This charming playset includes a magnificent princess castle, wooden train tracks, princess train with wagons, three Disney princess characters and accessories.

    Disney Princess play: Each of three princess friends, Princess Cinderella, Princess Belle and Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora, are dressed for fun in their classic gowns that sparkle with touches of glitter. Climb onboard the pink princess train and take a trip to the magical castle. Swing the grand gate doors open to let the toy train drive into the castle grounds and welcome the princesses home.

  • Brio World 33512 Travel Switching Set

    139.99 ( Incl. VAT)

    Multilevel train tracks with blue line train and red line train.
    Connect from one train to another with this exciting railway set full of play! The blue line has a battery powered train that takes passengers to the modern station where it meets up with the red line train. The lift goes and up and down using the crank, taking passengers to their platforms. The trains have plenty of tracks and switches to ride on for a fun playscape. Let the imagination decide the destination.

    Box dimensions: 45cm x 39cm x 16cm

    Suitable for children aged 3 years+

  • Brio World 33887 Lift & Load Warehouse Set

    129.99 ( Incl. VAT)

    Keep their imagination running with the BRIO® World – 33887 Lift & Load Warehouse Set designed by the creative brand, BRIO®.

    – Promotes hand-eye coordination.
    – Helps improve concentration.
    – Encourages development of fine motor skills.

    – Build stackable bridges, curves and sloping tracks.
    – Lift up the wagon, unload it and watch it roll down.
    – Can be assembled in many layout options.

  • Brio World 33989 Central Station Set

    129.99 ( Incl. VAT)

    Grab your ticket and get ready to depart for a new railway adventure with the 33989 Central Station Set.

    Central Station: Start your journey in this classic toy train set at the large central station where passengers can choose to take the lift or stairs to transfer between bus and train routes.

    Train travel fun: Then travel around the wooden tracks on board the red travel train or the yellow metro train. There’s also plenty of railway accessories to add to the play including a stop signal, railway crossing with functioning crossing signal and BRIO World characters.

  • Brio World 36025 Rescue Team Train Set

    155.99 ( Incl. VAT)

    Embark on an adrenaline-filled adventure with the BRIO World – 36025 Rescue Team Train Set. This 44-piece set offers exciting railway play across multiple levels, complete with rescue-themed buildings, vehicles, and characters. The fire-rescue themed train and helicopter, police motorcycle and station, and ambulance with lights and sounds create a dynamic play scenario. It also includes a hospital garage and three emergency services characters for role-playing fun. Crafted with high-quality plastics and FSC-certified European beech wood, this product supports responsible forestry and sustainability. The playset is not only entertaining but also educational, helping children understand their environment while developing fine motor skills. Suitable for children aged 3 and up, this train set can stand alone or complement existing train set toys, expanding the scope for imaginative play. Join the rescue team and be ready for the next big emergency!

  • Bruder MAN TGS Tow Truck

    114.99 ( Incl. VAT)
    • Recommended age: suitable from 4 years upwards for playing indoors and outdoors
    • manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS
    • Compatible with figure
    • Scale 1:16
  • Disney Britto 6008524 Alice in Wonderland

    127.50 ( Incl. VAT)

    With bold color and compelling pattern, contemporary pop artist Romero Britto captures the fun and whimsy of Disney animation. In a redesigned scene from Alice in Wonderland, Alice greets a talking Rose with great curiosity.

  • Disney Home Castle Figurine Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary

    199.99 ( Incl. VAT)

    Why wish for a castle in the clouds when you can bring this Cinderella Castle into your home! A celebration of imagination, the beautifully sculpted design is a Cinderella dream come true!

  • Disney My Best Friend Playdate – Moana

    139.99 ( Incl. VAT)

    Have the best day ever with Playdate Moana! Playdate Moana is ready to go on everyday adventures with you. Moana is 32” tall, and fully articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees, making her perfectly poseable and ready for action-packed adventure! Use the comb to style Moana’s long wavy hair. She’s dressed in her iconic movie-inspired outfit and necklace.

  • Disney My Best Friend Playdate – Tiana

    139.99 ( Incl. VAT)

    Have the best day ever with Playdate Tiana Fashion Doll! Inspired by Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, Playdate Tiana is ready to be your new best friend. Tiana comes dressed in her movie inspired green and yellow dress, tiara and shoes. She stands 32” tall and is fully articulated, making her perfectly poseable and ready for any adventure! Get inspired to bake using the included cookie cutters, recipe cards and cookie plate. Play out the baking theme further by popping out the cookie sheet, cookies and decorations from the package to create endless cookie decorating options.

  • Disney Playset Story Moment – Encanto Deluxe Doll Set

    145.00 ( Incl. VAT)

    Little ones can bring a little magic to playtimes with this Encanto Deluxe Doll set! Featuring Mirabel, Isabela, Luisa, Antonio and their animal friends, the vibrant set is sure to make a great gift.

  • Disney Playset Story Moment – Encanto Doll Gift Set

    145.00 ( Incl. VAT)

    Little ones will enjoy endless hours of fun with this Encanto Doll Set! It features four fully sculpted character dolls with wonderfully designed outfits and accessories for more imaginative play. It makes the perfect gift for little Madrigal fans!

  • Disney Playset Story Moment – Frozen 2 Elsa & Anna

    129.99 ( Incl. VAT)

    Set your little ones off on enchanted play adventures with this Frozen Gift Set! The nine-piece set includes two, fully sculpted Elsa and Anna dolls with iconic accessories for even more imaginative play. It’s the perfect gift for your little magic-seekers this festive season!

  • Disney Playset Story Moment Wish Doll Pack

    120.00 ( Incl. VAT)

    You won’t need to wait to see if King Magnifico will grant your wish as it’s already come true. Now you can bring the magical land of Rosas to life as you create your own fantasies inspired by Disney’s highly anticipated film Wish. This set of four classic-size dolls includes the movie’s central characters: Asha, Dahlia, Queen Amaya, and King Magnifico, all dressed in detailed costume plus accessories.

  • Disney Showcase 6002184 Jake and Sally

    115.00 ( Incl. VAT)

    Jack Skellington the undead gentleman embraces the kind ragdoll, Sally in this heartwarming deluxe figurine. Each piece is hand painted and slight colour variations are to be expected which makes each piece unique. The Nightmare Before Christmas figurine is supplied in branded gift box. Not a toy or children’s product. Intended for adults only.





  • Disney Showcase 6008701 Jack & Sally

    122.00 ( Incl. VAT)

    Jack and Sally are an unlikely coupling of precious proportions. The Skellington king and ragdoll lock eyes in a romantic embrace in this show stopping Couture de Force Disney showcase piece. Wearing elegant robes, the pair prepare to dance the night away. Perfect gift for any Nightmare Before Christmas fan. Supplied in branded gift box.





  • Disney Showcase 6009045 Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts

    117.00 ( Incl. VAT)

    As the beloved Disney attraction warns “Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts!” New from the Disney Showcase Collection, Gus, Ezra and Phineas are a ghoulishly delightful in opalescent paint that shimmers in the moonlight. Light up feature.

  • Disney Showcase 6010731 The Little Mermaid

    235.00 ( Incl. VAT)

    Dreaming to be part of your world, Ariel perches herself upon sea stones with Sebastian looking on. The clear resin waves crashing behind her light up the sea scape scene. This exquisite sculpt captures the Ariel’s dreams and adventures in every detail.